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The Free Air Project

For some time now there has been a great amount of discussion concerning the topic of global warming. The debate whether it’s a man made problem or the cyclic nature of planet earth, continues. But one point that everyone agrees on is that people are having a great impact on their environment. The fact that habitats are being destroyed and so many species are going extinct means it is time for us to act and minimize our impact on our planet.

Many people would like to decrease the damage being done to the earth through pollution. What we at The Earth Organization propose is that each family plant 3 indigenous trees (or large shrubs >1m) in their garden / community to balance the carbon oxygen ratio in the atmosphere, thereby helping earth to get healthy.

Trees are great at creating oxygen and removing some of the toxins that we put into the atmosphere. The more trees that we have the cleaner and richer our air will be. Let’s all start greening the earth.

What you need to do next to become a member of the Free Air club member?

  1. Find out which trees are indigenous* to your area. You can do this by visiting your local nursery / using the internet or by clicking on any of the links to the right, below the heading Free Air Club Articles.
  2. Find a place where you can plant your trees. It can be in your garden, a neighbour´s garden, a local school, your church or anywhere that needs some trees. If it is not on your own property make sure you get the owner´s permission first!
  3. Visit your local nursery and buy your trees.
  4. Get your family and friends together and get started. Remember trees can get very big so make sure that you give them enough space to grow.
  5. It will also help if you do some research about the species you have decided to grow so that you plant them in optimal conditions to ensure their survival.
  6. Take a couple of photos and send them to The Earth Organization so that we can send you your Free Air club certificate.
  7. Over the next few months and years send us photos of how well you trees are growing.
  8. The best photos will be put up on the website to encourage others to get started.

If you live in a place where there is no opportunity to plant trees you can sponsor the planting of trees in places where they are needed. You can donate money to The Earth Organization nd we will see that your trees get planted in one of our many tree planting and reforestation projects internationally.

*it´s very important that you plant indigenous trees as they are adapted to the climate and environmental conditions in your region and are therefore more likely to survive to maturity. They also attract indigenous insects, birds and other creatures thereby establishing entire ecosystems within their branch and root systems. In drier regions, indigenous trees generally require much less water than exotic species, thereby reducing the demand for water on their surroundings. Using invader species can threaten your local ecosystems. Indigenous is always best!


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