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Schools Recycling Project

  • Shannon Hagemann
  • December 06,2011, 05:09 AM

This year The Earth Organization embarked upon an educational campaign in the South Durban Basin to educate school children about Pollution and its effect on our environment as well as the solutions we can implement to conserve our environment.

In our daily lives, each individual produces a certain amount of waste which has to be thrown away, but where exactly is “away” and what happens when waste is not properly disposed of? Man made items which are disposed of in our environment have a negative impact on the species living there and can greatly affect our ecosystems which in turn impacts us.

Many children are taught “not to litter” by their parents and teachers but very few are taught WHY they should not litter. The Earth Organization set out to explain how our actions and waste can harm the environment as well as the plants and animals and how they can reduce their effect on the environment using the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

We had a great response from children and teachers and hope that our message will be carried home to their parents, siblings and communities. We aim to create a generation of recyclers, who are aware of their environment and take action to protect it for their future, and for those still to come.

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